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Dreamscapes: Surreal Worlds in 3D

Dive into "Dreamscapes: Surreal Worlds in 3D," where art meets technology to create mesmerizing virtual landscapes. Explore how these hidden realms, crafted with tools like Blender, offer untapped potential for virtual-reality gaming, blending immersive gameplay with unparalleled aesthetic beauty.
Explore the haunting beauty of "3D Ghost Towns" and the untold potential of abandoned digital designs in this article. Uncover how sharing and repurposing forgotten 3D models can spark creativity, collaboration, and significantly reduce the environmental impact of new designs.
How the power of 3D design, especially through the capabilities of Blender, allows us to visualize and immerse ourselves in landscapes from our planet's distant past and its speculative future. Discover how paleoartists and scientists reconstruct ancient ecosystems with meticulous detail and how designers envision the future through creative speculation and technological trends.
Discover how 3D printing, combined with powerful design tools like Blender and AutoCAD, is creating intricate, detailed replicas that captivate the imagination.
We held our first exhibition 'Are Colors Nonexistent?' as part of Gallery Night vol 10. Our exhibition introduced the interaction of light and colors with the three-dimensional world.

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